A Homly Stay...

An immersive appetite

Elephant Trail offers you the foodie experience of a lifetime, unique and flavorful. Our restaurant conveniently sits overlooking the pool, creating an atmosphere of tranquility while you get to enjoy what our brilliant chefs have in offer. An array of cuisines ranging from fresh salads to impressive main dishes and a selection of exclusive wines are served on your preference. Enjoy the mouthwatering aroma when the local spices add the finishing touch on our fusion of traditional and western dishes.

River Camp will prepare special dining arrangements upon your request

BBQ Dinner

A much enjoyed BBQ dinner can be arranged on request.

Candle Light Dinner

A favorite dining experience of romantic dwellers.

The Dining Pavilion

A peaceful setting to indulge in our refined meals.

Buffet & Á la carte

Our buffet and Á la carte menu gives the ultimate experience of your favorite dishes.