Elephant Trail is located on the border of Udawalawe National Park and just 5 minutes away from the entrance of the national park. Elephant Trail design by cozy comfort style, modern architecture , modern cutlery and cookery with modern culinary art. 15 deluxe rooms feel wild heaven cause of in front of the Udawalawe National Park. ** Category maintaining and giving a memorable stay you can feel from only the close boutique type hotel.

If you are planning to visit Udawalawa & are looking for something bit different. This is the best way to enjoy your leisure time, and to be close to nature with [...]

We do safari jeep service in Udawalawe National Park which is the very popular among visitors for elephant’s because they can observe even all day long. [...]

The Athgira Lodge at the border of the Udawalawe National Park is an wilderness experience cradled in luxury and unusual simplicity, located in few kilometers [...]

AT ELEPHANT TRAIL, we are deeply committed to ensuring your vacation dreams become reality. With many years of combined experience [...]